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Our range of options have been carefully crafted to suit a range of different needs and to meet those needs with quality care.
  • We empower you to make appropriate choices.
  • Our partnerships across the healthcare industry ensure that you have access to the best and widest opportunities to improve your healthcare.
  • The Blue Health Cover provider network means you are well taken care of.
  • We capitalise on advanced technology to give you quality care and we continually improve the efficiency of our service to you.
What is Blue Health Cover?
BLUE is a suite of health insurance products offering a comprehensive set of health insurance benefits to the staff of employer groups in Africa. This suite of products caters for a variety of healthcare needs across a number of income categories which allows you to choose comprehensive cover at affordable rates to suit you and your family’s needs.
Blue Health Cover Options:
  • Classic (Previously known as Gold)
    In-country cover for day-to-day treatment, chronic care and hospitalisation.
  • Plus (Previously known as Diamond)
    Comprehensive cover for day-to-day treatment, chronic care and hospitalisation. This option provides extensive healthcare cover when you travel in Africa and India. Plus also included emergency evacuation in Africa and India.
  • Elite (Previously known as Platinum)
    Superior cover for day-to-day treatment, chronic care and hospitalisation. This option is ideal for expatriates and for families seeking worldwide coverage (excluding North America). Elite also includes international emergency evacuation.
Who can access Blue Health Cover?
BLUE is offered exclusively to corporate clients, who wish to ensure that the healthcare needs of their employees and their employees’ families are taken care of. BLUE has been designed to address these healthcare needs, thereby ensuring that employees and their families live healthy and productive lives.
To see where we have a presence in Africa and for in country office information click here.