Our range of options have been carefully crafted to suit a range of different needs and to meet those needs with quality care.
  • We empower you to make appropriate choices.
  • Our partnerships across the healthcare industry ensure that you have access to the best and widest opportunities to improve your healthcare.
  • The Blue Health Cover provider network means you are well taken care of.
  • We capitalise on advanced technology to give you quality care and we continually improve the efficiency of our service to you.
We are a member of the Liberty Group of companies:
Liberty Holdings Limited is a progressive South African financial services group with headquarters in Johannesburg. The group offers a comprehensive range of long-term insurance products and services to meet the changing financial, investment and lifestyle risk situations of both the retail and corporate markets. Liberty aims to be the preferred supplier of quality, value-added financial and associated services in South Africa and on the African continent.
We empower you to make appropriate choices
We know that your health is your greatest asset and your wellbeing is crucial to living a fulfilled life. We guide you on how to make the most appropriate choices to support this.
We believe partnerships are an essential ingredient for excellence
We bring the best providers in each field together to create a comprehensive solution for our clients. Situated principally in South Africa and other emerging markets, Liberty Health business partnerships and services span medical schemes, health insurance, health administration systems, medical risk management and healthcare administration.
The insights we have gained from being involved in multiple aspects of the healthcare industry enable us to provide you with the best solutions and care.
We capitalise on local know-how
We have partnered with local providers in all the countries where we operate to ensure you are taken care of by people who know and understand your circumstances. This means you get optimal care that ensures healthy outcomes.
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